Movie Monkey

Movie Monkey 0.91

Organize your movies automatically


  • Identifies movies automatically
  • Imports data from IMBd
  • Nice movie listings


  • You can't customize categories
  • You can't add more info about the movies
  • Lacks features from similar apps

Not bad

Movie Monkey is the perfect solution for those of you who tend to have dozens of movies piling up on your hard drive. With this powerful movie catalog, the chaos is over!

Movie Monkey is probably the easiest movie catalog you’ve ever used. Instead of having to enter all the information about movies manually, or even look for them on any online movie database, all you need to do is select the folder where you keep your movies and let Movie Monkey take care of it.

The program scans the folder’s content, identifies the movies stored in it and adds them to the database automatically, importing all the information (cover, rating and a short plot summary) from Movies are also automatically organized according to their genre and can be played right from Movie Monkey in your favorite video player.

Movie Player is definitely the easiest movie catalog we’ve seen, but this ease of use also makes it quite limited. You can’t customize movie genres in any way, nor add any information to the movies you include in your collection besides what’s automatically imported. Movie Monkey also lacks basic functions often found in other similar catalogs, like personal ratings or a loan tracker.

If your movie collection needs an urgent reorganization, Movie Monkey can do the hard work on its own – minimal user intervention required!

Movie Monkey


Movie Monkey 0.91

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